Suck at scheduling your time? Learn how to own your day.

Own Your Day

Why People Join

  • I feel insecurity around getting things done.
  • I really hate how I feel about how I use my time.
  • I want to do something significant and I’m not getting there on my own.
  • I suck at scheduling my time.
  • I’m tired of doing very little with my day.
  • I want to own my time.
  • I want to decrease my stress.
  • I want to do something with my day that feels productive.

Do More With Your Day


  • An online classroom, with Six ‘Basic’ modules that outline the EXACT steps you need to take to Be Focused. Each module includes a video, downloadable worksheet and guide to help you gain focus management traction
  • Advanced modules when you are ready to go deeper into how to ‘Be Focused’
  • The private lab, set as a members-only Facebook community, where you are connected with a group of people who are working to be ‘Be Focused’. It’s a big support group cheering you on, who are also on the ‘Be Focused’ path, and Lyn as the master watching over and answering questions.

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Modules Overview

Module OneModule TwoModule ThreeModule FourModule FiveModule Six


Learn the three fundamental steps that can help you set yourself up for success throughout the entire course. Now go clear your path for an excellent experience.


Once you’ve cleared space for a strong beginning, Module 2 takes you through the act of daily planning. Learn to plan your day like a pro. Pay attention and give it your best.


Keep your daily planning on track. Know how to move from one daily planning session to another with finesse.


Once you have your daily planning in place, you are ready for “big picture” planning. Weekly planning will allow you to do just that. This module will help you experience more accuracy and gain a greater sense of organization.


Your life may drastically transform once you adopt a Strong Start practice. In this module you will find five simple steps to help you start everyday out right.


Learn simple project management process and how to avoid rookie mistakes, be more productive, and outclass your competition.

Start Now With Be Focused


Here’s what a few people had to say about the program:

Having the Be Focused coaching program and the one to one coaching helps me to tackle and accomplish all of the “little things” that accumulate and cause havoc in my life. I feel like a rockstar when I am not letting the important people in my life down due to my lack of planning.”  – Annie L.

Be Focused is teaching me how to manage my “i-disorder” and distractions.  Whether it be my phone, email, a co-worker,  I am learning how to recognize and learn my way out of these behaviors by setting boundaries and through my one to one coaching with Lyn”.   – Braxton D.

I want to do something significant with my life.  This coaching program is helping me break it down into tiny pieces and do just that.  Lyn is a genius in knowing how to help me organize life.”  – James G.


Be Focused is helping me understand what feels right and what feels not right to accomplish.  The master tips have been some of the best tools I could wish for.  They encourage me that I’m going to be okay.  I am learning how to be better with my focus while taking my time to learn the skills.” – Amanda H.

Own Your Day Now


Lyn Christian and her company, SoulSalt Inc is now offering her hard-earned focus management lessons, strategies, formulas and tools in the offering called Be Focused. It’s one of the most cost-effective and immediate ways to work with Lyn. It’s an online course that can teach you how to not only become more focused and productive, it also guides you how to craft and create your own unique planning system.

Lyn struggled with being focused all her life. Over the years, she’s turned her time and focus management weakness into something she now manages with confidence. So she’s approaching you with this course, not because she’s a time mastery black belt. Just the opposite, in fact, because she’s had to “hack” her way into inventing and developing a personalized path to productivity, She’s offering what she’s learned to those who are like her. She’s gone from feeling flurpy (like let things drop through the cracks way too often) to feeling responsible, and as organized as possible. Today, she feels like she’s on-it!



Basic Value

One Payment of: $147

  • 1 year subscription to the online coaching program to get through at your own pace.
  • Access to our private FB accountability group

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* Automatically renewed at $99 per year after 12 months

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